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New Prefert Vaginal Gel aids natural fertility and helps couples to conceive.

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Natural Fertility

Natural Fertility

In the best-case scenario, one thing leads to another: love, sex, pregnancy, family.
There is, however, one key element needed for this to happen: natural fertility.
Even minor interfering factors can affect fertility. Every seventh pair’s wish for a baby remains unfulfilled.

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Acidic pH in the vagina

One possible reason: an acidic pH during a woman’s fertile days. On most of the days of a woman’s cycle, the pH in the vagina is 4 to 4.5 and is therefore acidic. This pH offers protection against infections, but, at the same time, gives sperm a hard time.

As a result, the pH changes during a woman’s fertile days: at 7 to 7.5 during this phase of a woman’s cycle, it lies in the neutral to alkaline range. The ideal environment for sperms to find their way to eggs ready to be fertilised.

If, during a woman’s fertile days, the pH does not lie within a sperm-friendly range, sperm do not get very far and are no longer capable of fertilisation. Natural fertility is compromised.

If other problems such as a low number of fertile sperm are an issue, the chances of conception drop considerably. A test of nerves that can easily cause the fun of sex to fall by the wayside. Those who resort to conventional lubricant gels in such situations just add to the problem: the acidic pH of conventional lubricants finishes off sperm.

Experts believe that, out of 100 couples who have yet to conceive, 20–25% are affected by too acidic an environment in the vagina and /or too low a number of mobile and fertile sperm. This is where Prefert Vaginal Gel is the ideal solution.

acidic pH is unfriendly for sperms

Thanks to Prefert, prospective parents are able to conceive at home by natural and pleasurable means – far away from expensive and lengthy treatments at fertility centres.

Effect and pH

Effect and pH

Fertility jump-start

Prefert Vaginal Gel creates an environment in which sperm has the best chances of reaching a woman’s eggs. With a neutral pH of 7.2, Prefert protects sperm from too acidic an environment, thereby ensuring their survival. Its osmotic properties provide optimum room for manoeuvre. Sperm motility is boosted. The ideal jump-start for sperms to successfully find their way to a woman’s eggs.

Prefert Vaginal Gel creates the optimum conditions for pregnancy:

  • Protects sperm from acidic environments
  • Promotes sperm survival
  • Improves motility on the way to a woman’s eggs
  • Aids natural fertility

The fertility-friendly effect of Prefert has been clinically tested in vitro. Prefert is available in all pharmacies without prescription as well as online:

Wirkung von Prefert

Prefert Vaginal Gel: proven mode of action, improved formula

Prefert Vaginal Gel is based on the findings of the American scientist Dr. Joanna Ellington, who, in 2002, brought the first lubricant capable of boosting natural fertility, onto the market. This proved successful: a test involving 100 users resulted in the following:

  • 31 % of users had their wish for a baby fulfilled
  • 65 % successfully conceived within 1-2 cycles

Prefert builds on the positive experience gained at that time. The formula contains no parabens. Prefert Vaginal Gel is available in over 20 countries. (> Distribution Partners).

Prefert's formula for success:

  • natural arabinogalactan Contains natural arabinogalactan: an antioxidant that protects sperm and creates the ideal conditions for fertilisation
  • vaginal pH Optimises the vaginal pH
  • natural Free from parabens and silicone oil (dimethicone)*
  • drops of water Water-soluble, odourless and tasteless
  • heart Clinically tested

* At present, there are no internationally validated or generally accepted scientific findings on the use of silicone oil (dimethicone) in the vaginal area.


Simple application, good feeling

Prior to sexual intercourse, Prefert Vaginal Gel is inserted into the vagina using the enclosed applicator. It provides welcome lubrication, thereby enabling couples who have yet to conceive and who, as a result, have „sex according to plan“, to experience pleasurable and pain-free sexual intercourse. With a pH of 7.2, Prefert has been specially developed for use during a woman’s fertile days.

Prefert is odourless and tasteless and does not stain. It is also water-soluble and does not form an unpleasant film. The gel binds to the vagina’s natural secretions. One pack contains 4 hygienically sealed disposable syringes each containing 6 ml of gel, and is sufficient for up to 4 cycles.

Prefert is available in all pharmacies without prescription as well as online:

Prefert Package

Quick and easy:

  • Step 1 1. Introduce 5 minutes before sexual intercourse
  • Step 2 2. Take the gray cap off the syringe
  • Step 3 3. Attach the applicator to the syringe
  • Step 4 4. Apply pressure to the plunger of the syringe to push the Prefert Vaginal Gel into the vagina
  • Step 5 5. Wait for 5 minutes... and have fun!